Save the dates: May 1 - 9, 2020

Central Ohio is home to more than 60 craft breweries (and counting); 150 beer bars, growler shops, and bottle stores; and over 300 restaurants serving craft beer. This makes Columbus one of the largest craft beer cities in the Midwest.

Kick-off beer week at the official opening party at Market District Grandview Yard on May 1 from 6 - 10PM!

When it comes to beer, we're making our mark.

Forbes has called Columbus the #1 city in the country to make your mark. Well, we're making it. We continue to chart a course toward the unknown. 


In 1836 Louis Hoster established the first brewery in what would become the Brewery District. Over the following century, many Bavarian families opened breweries and saloons, brewing and distributing beer in the tradition they brought with them from Europe. The neighborhood where they lived became known as German Village.

Today we continue their work by producing award-winning brews in every style imaginable. Residents and guests alike enjoy Columbus craft beer in taprooms, beer bars, and restaurants in every corner of the city.

But no one makes their mark on their own. The reason Columbus succeeds is because of our collaborative and communal energy. Fodor's Travel even noticed that Columbus "has a decidedly local spirit.”

Like our distinguished farm-to-table restaurants, our busy farmer's markets, our vibrant coffee culture, and our award-winning chefs, Columbus breweries embody the spirit of collaboration.

After all, Columbus didn't sail alone.

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How Columbus
does craft beer.

Brewing and drinking nine days a week.

It takes more than a week to showcase Columbus' talent at brewing, serving and, yes, drinking craft beer. We're the last major city in Ohio to get its own craft beer week, and it's time for us to flex our zymurgistic muscles. Come celebrate with nine days of creative beers, community events, and collaborative brews.